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Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 28 Nov, 2012 19:38:09
The last spotlight is down and the project is over for this time. Stay tuned for more info on upcoming schemes...

After the project was completed a rough summary was made over potential viewers. Since it's an exhibition outside the usual channels there is no counter by the door that can tell us about the number of visitors.

However in Sweden there is always accessible statistics of anything, and when looking on statistics over the traffic on the nearby highway combined with the time the project was running (6 months). These figures does not tell us anything statistics from the general road net in the area, which is several square-miles, and does not take into consideration the population and their movements in the communities throughout the area. However, a very modest estimation based on the traffic statistic gives us a ballpark on the possible viewers and that is a staggering 5,6 million . Probably that means that the figures can be at least doubled...

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