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Info om Fource på Eslö

SundryPosted by Fredrik Axwik 09 Jan, 2012 14:09:39
Lite info om FOURCE på Eslövs hemsida. Som vi berättat tidigare kommer projektet att fortsätta lysa under Januari och Februari-nätterna innan lamporna släcks för den här gången.

Läs om Fource här.

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Happy New Year

Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 02 Jan, 2012 11:28:46
Happy New Year! The project is still running and will continue to do so for 2 more months! There has been a request that the project will continue throughout the two darkest months to "lighten" the day (or evening/night and morning in this case). Since it's getting darker already around 3 o'clock in the afternoon a few night-lights will of course make a difference. Even if the wind turbines stand out in daylight they kind of disappear in the dark and even when lit they still are making very little to the dark of the night. But they are making an impression with their faint lights in the night (and which have proven very hard to capture on camera).

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5 days to Christmas

Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 19 Dec, 2011 11:21:44
As the Christmas is closing in a few beams have been shut down due to error. It was the windmills at Christinetorp that have got too strong lamps mounted and was shut down since it seems they haven't been changed yet... Very regretful.

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Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 13 Dec, 2011 13:39:51
And yet another storm! Not as fierce as the one last week, but it seems the storms are lining up to hit the project with the might of the wind. This has caused a few delays in the mounting of the beams but we have a lot of them up now!We have been getting lots and lots of inputs and cheerful encourage from people that like to see the subtle flicking lights in the night during this dark hour of the year. Winters deep means pitch-black as well as long nights in Sweden. We have still January and February ahead of us to give us some very dark night-hours. The beacon of lights shine a little glimmering for them who pass by or can see the wind turbines in and around Eslöv.
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More storm!

Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 09 Dec, 2011 21:37:27
This morning the wind picked up again and on Danish morning news they said that western Denmark (Jylland) had hurricane-winds. It is now evening and the winds have been picking up all day and now it sounds like an angry sea outside the window (which usually means storm). We hope this wont affect the last few beams to come up. Or create problems for the wind turbines...
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Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 08 Dec, 2011 08:26:11
The project has run into a little negative critique from a nearby living person in the audience. The critique is somewhat justified and consists mainly of the complaint that it is too strong beams on a couple of smaller wind turbines. That is just the case, since regrettably the technician that has mounted the beams have made a crucial mistake. Beams from the big wind turbines have been fitted on two the smaller ones, which makes it very intense. This will however be attended to within shortly, says Enercon, the responsible company.

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Unfair fight for renewables

NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 06 Dec, 2011 10:17:55
California's former Governor talks a bit about how renewable energy gets the short end of the stick, compared with the oil-business. He discusses the unfair fight renewable energies must fight in a very open and straight-forward fashion.

Washington Post article.

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SundryPosted by Fredrik Axwik 05 Dec, 2011 22:21:47
A hard storm that hit our neighborhood has caused delays in the project. Suddenly the priority was of course to get the wind turbines to work again after storm-related problems and technical difficulties. And besides, you cannot and should not try to mount beams in full storm winds!

But now things have cooled down a bit and we are behind schedule, but still we're trying to make the last wind turbines shine as well.

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Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 28 Nov, 2011 10:44:31
At the moment we are looking into the possibility of prolonging the project since there has been requests about continuing during the dark months of January and February. An idea is to move the official end date forward to March 1:st.

We are currently looking into the permission situation, but it looks promising. More about this further on.

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Photography contest

Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 23 Nov, 2011 16:37:19
A photo contest of the Wind Mills in the project has started today!

It is a very challenging contest since it is a bit more complicated to take a picture in the dark of the night. The contest is open until January 1, and then there will be a voting for the best pictures.

You can read about it at Skånska Dagbladets website.

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