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Unfair fight for renewables

NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 06 Dec, 2011 10:17:55
California's former Governor talks a bit about how renewable energy gets the short end of the stick, compared with the oil-business. He discusses the unfair fight renewable energies must fight in a very open and straight-forward fashion.

Washington Post article.

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NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 27 May, 2011 21:56:32
Project "FOURCE" is picking up little speed every day. A large portion of sponsor money has come in and it looks good for the budget. Here is the first article about the project. It was published in Sydsvenskan in August 2010. You can read it online here (swe only). >>

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NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 24 May, 2011 17:53:56

The date for project start and finish has been set for a while, but are now official. The official dates for the project is to be: 1.1.11 - 1.1.12

In other words: November 1st 2011 till January 1st 2012.

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A new look

NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 27 Apr, 2011 20:40:14

The temporary Construction Site at has now been reconstructed and the new Official Project-site are now available at the url-address above.

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