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SundryPosted by Fredrik Axwik 16 May, 2012 21:26:32
A fantastic creation of a US wind-map. You can see in real-time how the winds are blowing over the US as we speak. There is also a lot more to read up on about wind and wind power. Enjoy!
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EWEA 2012

SundryPosted by Fredrik Axwik 23 Apr, 2012 10:31:48
Went to Copenhagen last week to experience EWEA Wind Energy convention.

One of the more interesting, mind-boggling and unusual things was the Goliath Wind Turbine... See for yourself >>>

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FOURCE project video

SundryPosted by Fredrik Axwik 26 Feb, 2012 21:42:13

A little glimpse of the project that have been twinkling all winter. Some 40 wind turbines throughout the landscape are visible for miles and miles. Thousands and thousands have seen it by now. :)

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Info om Fource på Eslö

SundryPosted by Fredrik Axwik 09 Jan, 2012 14:09:39
Lite info om FOURCE på Eslövs hemsida. Som vi berättat tidigare kommer projektet att fortsätta lysa under Januari och Februari-nätterna innan lamporna släcks för den här gången.

Läs om Fource här.

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SundryPosted by Fredrik Axwik 05 Dec, 2011 22:21:47
A hard storm that hit our neighborhood has caused delays in the project. Suddenly the priority was of course to get the wind turbines to work again after storm-related problems and technical difficulties. And besides, you cannot and should not try to mount beams in full storm winds!

But now things have cooled down a bit and we are behind schedule, but still we're trying to make the last wind turbines shine as well.

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Eslöv Lyser

SundryPosted by Fredrik Axwik 08 Nov, 2011 10:07:55

För tillfället löper ett ljusprojekt inne i Eslövs innerstad också! Passa på eftersom det bara pågår fram till 13 november. Läs mer på deras hemsida

Here's a little image from the Opening Night:

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November 10!

SundryPosted by Fredrik Axwik 01 Nov, 2011 11:15:25
Today is the official start-date of the project. However a little delayed, the lamps are coming up as we speak.

Official Opening Night is at Slättäng, November 10! More details to come!

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Wind is the future?

SundryPosted by Fredrik Axwik 23 Oct, 2011 20:35:13

An interesting news article form an off-shore wind turbine. Today such a plant can be more powerful than the first nuclear plants... Read all about it here.
(From Spiegel Online - in English).

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