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New images added

ImagesPosted by Fredrik Axwik 11 Nov, 2011 21:53:25
New images are added every week at the moment in the Gallery section.

This is an image from the opening night at Slättäng Farm. Lit silos and a glimpse of one of the closest wind turbines.

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First lamp

ImagesPosted by Fredrik Axwik 28 Oct, 2011 14:51:23

Even if it looks like a NASA-image from a Space-shuttle, it is not. It's the first beam mounted in the project. A very exciting and artistic image, taken by the boys at the mounting.
We have already got a few reports in from viewers that have seen the light!

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New up

ImagesPosted by Fredrik Axwik 05 Oct, 2011 10:45:03
A bunch of pictures has been added to the first Image-gallery. These images was taken when we geared up and put up a first test-beam to see if it was going to work out as expected. It was a nice job to put it up and it turned out very nice, although it was really hard to catch it in a night-shot later...

The first attempt on night shots was terrible, the difficulties of catching the powerful night-light on a picture was unexpectedly greater than anticipated...

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