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Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 28 Nov, 2012 19:38:09
The last spotlight is down and the project is over for this time. Stay tuned for more info on upcoming schemes...

After the project was completed a rough summary was made over potential viewers. Since it's an exhibition outside the usual channels there is no counter by the door that can tell us about the number of visitors.

However in Sweden there is always accessible statistics of anything, and when looking on statistics over the traffic on the nearby highway combined with the time the project was running (6 months). These figures does not tell us anything statistics from the general road net in the area, which is several square-miles, and does not take into consideration the population and their movements in the communities throughout the area. However, a very modest estimation based on the traffic statistic gives us a ballpark on the possible viewers and that is a staggering 5,6 million . Probably that means that the figures can be at least doubled...

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Still standing!

Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 17 Oct, 2012 14:08:32
For a time I've heard rumors about that some of the windmills involved in the project FOURCE would still be shining. I disregarded it as nonsense but went out one night and was dumbstruck! We have in fact one mill (as far as I know) still lit at night! It is the windmill closest to Lund northern exit on the highway E22. So if you are lucky and in the neighborhood you can still see the giant wings of the windmills being lit up at night. Get out there fast, before they finally shut it down. As we speak I talked to service and they will hunt down the last lamp...

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SundryPosted by Fredrik Axwik 16 May, 2012 21:26:32
A fantastic creation of a US wind-map. You can see in real-time how the winds are blowing over the US as we speak. There is also a lot more to read up on about wind and wind power. Enjoy!
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EWEA 2012

SundryPosted by Fredrik Axwik 23 Apr, 2012 10:31:48
Went to Copenhagen last week to experience EWEA Wind Energy convention.

One of the more interesting, mind-boggling and unusual things was the Goliath Wind Turbine... See for yourself >>>

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First lamps back at the Ministry

Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 13 Apr, 2012 16:07:42
Today we picked up the first batch of dismounted spotligths. It was a relative warm but sunny spring-day. It is always a bit sad when a project is over. But new plans have been discussed and we will see what gives in the future. Still a lot of spotlights are up and running and travelling through Eslöv Kommun at night it is still possible to go beam-spotting on the wind-turbines. Especially along E22, where the most lit wind-turbines have been possible to see during the project.

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Coming down slowly

Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 09 Apr, 2012 23:02:15
The spotlights are now coming down, bit by bit. During the spring the spotlights are being dismounted during the regular service of the wind-turbines. This means that some of the powerful beams in the project still are being lit, until they are dismantled. As of now we got word that 9 spotlights has come down so far.

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Still on

Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 19 Mar, 2012 21:58:27
The prolonged project is still running. Some of the wind turbines are still lit. However, we don't know exactly which - or for how much longer. The company that has taken upon them to put up and take down the beams have not been informing us about this.

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FOURCE project video

SundryPosted by Fredrik Axwik 26 Feb, 2012 21:42:13

A little glimpse of the project that have been twinkling all winter. Some 40 wind turbines throughout the landscape are visible for miles and miles. Thousands and thousands have seen it by now. :)

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East wind

Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 31 Jan, 2012 10:33:03
The winds are constantly changing. But a long stretch of southern, western or south-western winds have been prevailing for a long time during the early winter. However, now the winds have turned a bit and now the art-project is very much visible from the general direction of Eslöv. The home-town and origin of the the whole project.

Good health!

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Project NewsPosted by Fredrik Axwik 18 Jan, 2012 11:36:25
The project has been prolonged and will be running and continue until March 1! There has been a request that the project will continue throughout January and February of 2012. Last official date is 1.3.12

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